magical organic stylesheets 🌿

Moss is a CSS framework that can be used with any website or JS framework. It exports one main stylesheet and a theme stylesheet, and it also exports the underlying CSS partials, types, helpers, and data for more complex usage.

Moss is in early alpha and will have many breaking changes to get to 1.0. To follow along or lend some help, see the Discord and

Moss is being made to support Zzz and my other projects that focus on end-users. It's grown slowly over 5 years, adding new features when I feel they're sufficiently generalizable or merit experimentation, and my goal for 2024 is to fill out its APIs so it's more coherent and complete.

To learn more see the docs and the readme. See also my Svelte UI library Fuz that builds on Moss. Feel free to take the ideas and code for your own purposes.